23, rue du faubourg Saint Denis, 75010 Paris -
· RELEASE, Musical installation in collaboration with Frédéric Rivière, shown at Palais de Tokyo, Paris
and Église des Trinitaires, Metz. Produced by TCRM BLIDA & Entre Deux / Le Palais de Tokyo. Fr, 2015.
· OIL ON CANVAS, Installation at Le Lieu Unique and at Gallery LVL during Voyage à Nantes, Fr, 2015.
· AVANT ICI MAINTENANT, Scenography for the exhibition about Non Sans Raison Editor’s work
and collaborations at the Musée National de la Porcelaine, Adrien Dubouché in Limoges, Fr 2015.
· XV CLASSES, In-situ paintings and installations group show, Saint Jean de Luz, Southwest, Fr, 2015.
· DANCERS, Motorised installation at Cité de la Mode et du Design, Chromatic Festival, Paris, Fr, 2015.
· PEEL PAINTINGS, Removable silicone paintings on the floor, L’Atelier / Gallery LVL, Nantes, Fr, 2014.
· WALKING GHOSTS, Installation in TCRM-Blida art Center, opened for Nuits Blanche 6, Metz, Fr, 2013.
· ANTISTATIQUE, “Mur-Murs” Group show at the Wallpaper Museum of Mézière, Switzerland, 2013 - 2014
· MINERAL DESIGN, Porcelaine group show, with Non Sans Raison, Le Lieu du Design, Paris, Fr, 2013.
· FASHION SPORT, Pattern design for Galeries Lafayette, Bld Haussman Paris and french stores, 2013.
· A NUMBER OF THINGS, Artistic & design work for l’Avant Seine Theater of Colombes / Paris, Fr, 2012.
· CHEAP FUN, Stereographic french graphic artists group show, Institut Français de Valence, Spain, 2012.
· PEINTURE EN TRANCHE, Saison “Printemps“ group show, Artisan Social Designer Gallery, Paris, Fr, 2012.
· INHALT NERVOS, Installation in Pont-à-Mousson Factory and Headquarter (Saint Gobain), Fr, 2012.
· KRISTALL TAG, Wallpaper Lab group show, Musée des Arts Décoratifs de Paris / Le Louvre, Fr, 2012.
· SUMMUS FABER, Motorised installation, Musée de la Cour d’Or, Nuit blanche 4, Metz, Fr, 2011.
· PIANO PIANO, Collaboration with Nike, prints and installation, Gallery Alain Gutharc, Paris, Fr, 2011.
· INTERMEDIARITY, Design of the children workshop environment in Centre Pompidou Metz, Fr, 2011.
· SHIZZLPE SHAPES, Submarine installation, Piscine du Luxembourg during Nuit Blanche 3, Metz, Fr,
and synchronized swimming performance & ParaOne Live, in collaboration with Pompidou Metz, 2010.
· THE ONES ON THE OTHER SIDE, Floating installations, Temple Neuf, Nuit Blanche 3, Metz, Fr, 2010.
· ENDLESS END, Installation at Scion Art Gallery, Sixpack group show, Culver city / Los Angeles, 2010.
· MARCHANDISES, Thermoretractions installation, Galeries Lafayette art space in Metz, Fr, 2009.
· METEORITES, Thermoretractions for Future Fantasy group show, Rezoh space in Strasbourg, 2009.
· BIG SISTER, Painted architecture in Andersa Park for Inspiracje art festival, Szczecin, Poland, 2009.
· SWIMMING POOL, gallery artists group show, Sara Guedj Gallery, rue Louise Weiss, Paris, Fr, 2008.
· HOOKED, In situ painting & installation, Off The Hook Gallery, Sainte Catherine, Montreal, Ca, 2007.
· MELIMELODRAMA, Graphic video animation for Projector Spectre festival in Breda streets, Nl, 2007.
· LILTRIP POLYCHROME, Book launch and Floor painting, Lazydog gallery, with Krsn, Paris, Fr, 2006.
· INDONUTSRIAL, Painted inner tubes installation & prints, with Krsn, Alice Gallery, Brussels, Be, 2006.
· JET BALLET, Rotating installation of aluminium structures, with Krsn, Wall Gallery, Orléans, Fr, 2006.
· WAR GAMES, In situ floor painting, with a Krsn installation, Le Plateau Technique, Orléans, Fr, 2006.
· DISCO JET, Hanged painted aluminium sculptures, l’Appartement design gallery, Barcelona, Sp, 2006.
· LA MODE VIT... Graphic displays for Galeries Lafayette, Bld Haussman Paris & french stores, fr, 2005.
· PI DAYS FESTIVAL, graphic intervention on La Maison de la Danse windows with Krsn, Lyon, Fr, 2005.
· JET, Printed sculpture, Future Fantasy group show, Cor Interlubke design gallery, Strasbourg, Fr, 2005.
· SERENITY & TENDERNESS, Painted car & wall painting at Primer Aalto Festival, Saragossa, Sp, 2005.
· TWO STEPS BACK, Hidden painting performance with Krsn & Seb Jarnot, Espace Hérold, Paris, 2004.
· BLUMEN AUS DUREN, Lightboxes and tees, in collaboration with Sixpack, The Lazy Dog, Paris, 2004.
· BLACK, Painting for Newsign Magazine group show, Hardcore Gallery, rue de Richelieu, Paris, 2004.
· PI DAYS FESTIVAL, Giant wallpaper with Krsn & Vif, Museum of Contemporary Art, Lyon, Fr, 2004.
· DUST TO WORK, Sketchbooks and paintings with Krsn, “Squat” Groupshow, Differdange, Lux, 2003.
· BUBBLEGUM, Painted cars photographs & painting with Krsn, Shutzmarket store, Antwerp, Be, 2003.
· THE SEXPO, Collaborative painting group show with Kid Acne & Krsn, Le Garage, Grenoble, Fr, 2003.
· PISS PLATES, hand painted steel plates, with Krsn, Royalcheese International Gallery, Paris, Fr, 2002.
· MUTAL BOXES, Hand painted industrial boxes, with Krsn, Sumo, Sheffield, South Yorkshire, UK, 2002.
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